Unlock Your Success: Shift Your Identity, Find Your Purpose & Boost Your Profits without the usual self-doubt, anxiety, and fears.


What Is Mindset To Millions?

You don't need more motivation, You need more CLARITY
You don't need more time, You need more FOCUS

In the pursuit of success, aligning Passion, Purpose, and Profit is crucial. 'Mindset to Millions' leverages the VIP way of life—Values, Identity, Purpose—to ensure you're not just chasing success, but embodying it. Discover how to avoid the pitfalls of depression and lack of motivation & focus by fully integrating the 3Ps into your life and business.

Inside this experience you’ll discover the secret to make your dream life a reality.

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How Does Mindset to Millions Work?

Over 12 transformative weeks, 'Mindset to Millions' guides you through meticulously crafted lessons and homework designed to probe and elevate your mind. Each week culminates in a personalized 1:1 call to dive deep into your discoveries, ensuring your path is not just understood but truly yours.

Clients of 'Mindset to Millions' report unparalleled Clarity, Focus, and Discipline, emerging with a crystal-clear vision of their future and the identity they need to embrace to make that future a reality.

  • Weekly Lessons & Homework to Challenge Your Current Mindset

  • Personalized 1:1 Calls to Deepen Understanding and Application

  • Exclusive Access to a Community of Like-minded Individuals

You’re already successful. Do you really need a coach?

You may have already achieved wealth, success, and greatness in your professional life.

The problem is, now that you’ve arrived… you’re empty or you feel stuck on the same level for a while.

This is why you have made it to this page, and are carefully reading the words I’ve written here. You are painfully aware that something is missing from your life. You made it to the top but unfortunately you don't have the time freedom you thought you would or if your business is crushing it, your health & relationships are lacking behind.

The right coach can guide you through this phase. You may be clinging to the idea that YOU may have missed something. But you simply need a different set of tools to unlock the ‘more’ you’re searching for. The question is… are you ready?

Mindset to Millions Was Designed For You If...

  • You are a business owner, change-maker, or someone with the means to invest in coaching that can change your future.

  • You have already decided that you’ll do anything to learn why you’re here.

  • ​You receive feedback well and enjoy opportunities to grow.

  • ​You honor yourself enough to stand by your word and finish what you start.

  • ​You constantly strive to become a better version of yourself.

  • The idea of discovering your true potential, purpose and meaning excites you.

  • You’re unhappy enough that you KNOW something MUST change.


Join The Wait List

There are limited seats so you must apply and be selected


Why do I need to apply?

My Team and I believe that community is key. We want to be sure that every member is a great fit. This experience is a premium investment, and we are committed to creating an incredible experience for this high-level program.

What is the purpose of scheduling a call?

One of the most important features of this experience is the small group coaching that you’ll get to experience alongside other members of MM. We are working hard to cultivate a community of inspiring, mission-driven leaders: entrepreneurs, brands, and business owners. The interview process allows us to ensure that every person who joins Mindset to Millions is a true fit for what we are creating.

Is Mindset to Millions an online experience?

Yes, it is only online at the moment providing you with the best knowledge possible via videos & weekly tasks to complete for your growth. We will then discuss on weekly video calls any questions and go more in-depth about every topic. In the future, Mike has a vision to organize in-person event only accessible to Members.

What type of coaching will you receive?

High-end Performance Coaching where you will be supported and challenged to become your best with your Health, Relationships, Wealth, and Happiness. You will be pushed not only to rethink your goals and what success means really for you, but see what is possible beyond and expand your boundaries. Mike will guide you on this beautiful inner journey.

What is the timeline?

This program has been built on a 12 weeks commitment to ensure everyone has time to really dive deep inside them. Every week the lesson will guide you on a new topic. Mike’s want to make sure everyone is fully focus on the present moment so you will only have access to 1 lesson per week without any way to skip a step in your journey. This process will ensure maximum growth.

Why does Mindset to Millions Exist?

Mindset to Millions was born from a journey of real-life lessons, challenges, and the quest for True Abundance. After diving deep into the world of personal development, investing hundreds of thousands in coaching, attending countless events, and devouring books by the dozens, I discovered a universal truth: amidst the noise of the information era, the transformative power of personalized coaching and the strength of community stand unmatched.

But it wasn't just about gathering more information. It was about finding a way to make that information live, breathe, and work in real life. I needed something that went beyond traditional coaching—a program that not only delivered knowledge but ensured its application for lasting change. When I looked for a program that offered this level of depth, personalized challenge, and community support, I found a gap. There wasn't one that resonated with the kind of comprehensive transformation I knew was possible.

That's why I created Mindset to Millions. It's more than just a program; it's a culmination of everything I've learned, experienced, and mastered, designed to propel leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a vision towards their highest level of success and fulfillment. This is about unlocking a secret level of abundance, where success isn't just measured by wealth, but by the richness of life's experiences, relationships, and personal growth. I've walked this path, faced these challenges, and emerged with the blueprint to share. Here, we don't just aim for success; we redefine it, together.

Am I a good fit for Mindset to Millions?

We are looking for high-achieving, high-performing people who are ready to take their life into pure abundance not only financially but every sphere of it (Health, Happiness, Purpose, Meaning and more). If you are someone with a positive attitude, growth mindset, coachable and the belief that there more to this life, you are well on your way to being a fit for this program- and we look forward to talking with you to see if your application meets the necessary requirements.

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